Eggs à la Vegan at Matcha Mylkbar

New vegan eatery, Matcha Mylkbar, opened its doors in St. Kilda last weekend. Hundreds swarmed to the Mylkbar exhausting their food supplies before the beginning of lunch service. Luckily, most people weren’t there to test-run the currently limited lunch menu though, as the café’s major draw card is its breakfast menu.

The breakfast menu is a mix of familiar favourites—smashed avocado, pancakes, corn fritters and heirloom tomatoes—and inventive new takes on breakfast staples, including mushroom and beetroot lattes, and a surprisingly convincing smoky mushroom ‘bacon’. The thing that’s got everyone talking though, is Matcha Mylkbar’s vegan poached ‘eggs’.

The ‘egg’ whites are made from a mixture of coconut and almond milk while the yolks are made from linseed protein and sweet potato. They are set in moulds and poached to serve and the final product is a wobbly, gooey, delicious imposter.

Second Best - EDITED
Matcha Mylkbar’s gooey vegan ‘egg’ yolks are made from linseed protein and sweet potato.

The textures in the Mylkbar’s eggs are close to perfect. The whites are firm—not runny or rubbery—and the bright yellow yolk oozes onto the plate when the ‘egg’ is sliced open.

The colours match those of real eggs but instead of being the natural free-formed shape that most cafés hope to serve up, they look more like discs, like hemispheres with flat bottoms set in the bottom of a bowl. A little unnatural looking perhaps, but I guess that comes with the territory.

Eaten on their own the ‘eggs’ taste fantastic, but different to their chicken-laid counterparts. The vegan white is slightly sweeter (owing to a hint of coconut) and the yolk is not quite as full-flavoured as the real thing. However, when eaten as a part of a meal—in my case, I had toast, avocado, tomato and I had to try the ‘bacon’—it’s incredibly difficult to tell the difference. They even behave like real eggs, leaving pools of yolk on the plate to be mopped up with toast at the end of the meal.

I am not vegan myself and I took three non-vegan friends to the Mylkbar for breakfast. No one complained about the lack of meat or dairy and all were thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the meal.

We’ll be returning to the Mylkbar. The staff were friendly and the food was terrific. And you never know, next time we might even be game to try the mushroom latte.



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