Archie’s All Day


My girlfriend & I recently moved in together and we’re now practicing the art of budgeting. However, you can take the money out of the brunch-goer’s wallet, but you can’t take away their need to brunch. (I would like to state for the record that we hadn’t brunched for a week before today).

We found Archie’s All Day playing scroll through the Internet and visit the place your finger lands on (rules include being able to veto up to 3 places you don’t like the sound of and/or is too far away).

It sits amongst all the other eateries along Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, evoking the question that no one in Melbourne seems to have an answer for – what actually makes a cafe stand out anymore?

Regardless of what that magic ingredient is, Archie’s has somehow found the answer. The cafe was already busy when we rocked up, at 8:30am on a Thursday morning. A birthday breakfast party was even being held out the front, with party hats and everything.

Just as the name suggests, this is the kind of place you could probably hang out at for a while.

Cool menu logo detail / Horse painting my girlfriend wanted to take for our new home

Archie’s is owned by the same people who run Bluebird Espresso, which is just a short bike ride away on Johnston Street & is named after the owner’s newborn son, Archer.

The menu is pretty globally diverse and offers an impressive variety of vegetarian / vegan options, a big relief for my girlfriend and I. And it’s pretty forgiving – if you’re feeling a bit squiffy from the night before, you can have a burger for breakfast (there are 3 available from 10am) or, if you’re like me, you can have granola for afternoon tea.

“Vanilla bean oatmeal w/ banana blueberry, coconut, almonds & maple” / “Crispy poached eggs, daikon kimchi, edamame, enoki mushrooms, sesame dressing, sourdough toast”

My girlfriend has been going through a real porridge phase (which includes trolling the internet for interesting combinations to try & cook herself – she’s made a few damn good porridges in her lifetime and has high standards) so she saw an opportunity to try a cafe-made porridge and she took it. And she regretted it – just like me, my girlfriend is a major sufferer of food regret. Whilst she enjoyed the dish, rating the inclusion of fresh banana and blueberries, the actual oats were too much sweetness for her, and she pined for the freshness of the granola. She also noted that microherbs on porridge is taking this trend too far.

I decided to step away from the smashed avocado for the first time in a long time, deciding to choose something interesting. It was pretty delicious (there’s nothing better than edamame beans), I think I’d happily become an ambassador for crispy poached eggs. And the slow burn of the kimchi hit me hard the moment I had swallowed my last bite. But I was only given one piece of toast which is always annoying – there really should be a national standard of one piece of toast per egg.

Soy mocha, closer to chocolate than coffee and that’s alway good / very interesting op shop like paintings hung everywhere

It’s all hours approach – that’s obviously Archie’s schtick. No matter what you’re after, Archie’s has you covered. From that early morning flat white (or chocolately mocha in our case), to a nice cocktail and cheese spread at night.

Archie’s All Day
189 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
9417 0066


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