Post Easter Chocolate Cravings

We’ve all been there – we binge on Easter Sunday and then binge again when we see all the 50% off Easter items in the week that follows. We all swear that we won’t do it again, that next year we’ll be different and many of us even swear off chocolate for good.


And then it strikes. That post Easter chocolate craving strikes and few can survive. The trick is not to give in straight away, nor to fight it for too long. The trick is knowing when it’s just right to give in. Just right so that you won’t binge again, just right so that you will be satiated with a small burst. Just right so that you can have a sensible meal to accompany the sweet goodness that is our friend, our confidant: chocolate.


Suffering from post Easter blues and having finished my 50% off treats, I needed a day out. So I hatched a plan as perfect fodder for research for a food blog. I was going to get this just right and kill two birds without the feeling of guilt.


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I was taking a friend on a day trip to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery; it would be a great catch up, a chance for gossiping, for fun and laughter and inspiration for my blog. But secretly, it was really about me having some – not lots, just some, just the right amount of – chocolate. And with free samples of their pastilles on hand, how could it go wrong?


It did not go wrong. I had a glorious day with a wonderful friend and my post-Easter chocolate blues have gone. My craving has been satisfied and I even bought a gift for my boyfriend – I ticked all the boxes.


We were sensible; we enjoyed the drive from Brunswick to Yarra Glen, taking our time on the unfamiliar twists and turns, thankful for little traffic. The sun was shinning on arrival and the setting was perfect.


Then we went inside. The three large bowls of chocolate pastilles beckoned to me, try the white, the milk and the dark. Try us all! I happily complied. (Hint – eat a couple of each flavour at once)


After drooling over the mountains of gifts and sweets for sale, we sat down in the café for lunch. And let me tell you – the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie are not just perfect for chocolate, their baguettes are amazing. I indulged in their ‘King Baguette’. Slow cooked lamb shank with fetta and apple chutney. Oh.My.God. Who knew that apple and lamb would pair so well?


We decided to brave a look again at the dessert bar – each item comes with a shot of their melted chocolate – right on display in front of you. I dare you not to succumb. My dessert of choice was the ‘Citrus Sensation’, a flourless orange cake with lime and Cointreau mousse. It was a sensation all right. The cake was a little bland; it needed more of an orange punch, but the mousse. Now, that really took the cake. Dipping it in the pot of chocolate was beyond heavenly. A heaven that I can’t wait to go back and experience again.



I’m proud of myself for getting the chocolate hit just right – I didn’t go for their rich, indulgent chocolate brownie, or their chocolate pizza (I know, right??). I went for a small amount of chocolate so as to not overindulge. I’m already planning my next visit. May is Rocky Road month – an entire month dedicated to Rocky Road. What could possibly go wrong?





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