Eat it or beat it!


What does a well-rounded vegan diet look like? Round. This aptly named Vegan Fox doughnut is as hot as the name suggests. A hand-dipped chocolate glaze over vanilla cake takes me back to bakery treats from my childhood, but it’s the freeze-dried strawberries and crushed pistachios adorning the crown of the dessert that keep it sophisticated, for the few seconds it exists before consumption.

Created by Australian company Doughnut Time, it’s one of the two vegan doughnuts on offer daily at any of their caravan locations, often ‘parked’ in Topshop stores across major cities- a minor setback if your desire to shop is as big as your appetite for dessert. However, these guys will only set you back six dollars a pop.

Where does Doughnut Time sit in the growing world of vegan desserts on offer in Melbourne? It’s somewhere in the middle, sitting between the unimaginative cupcakes from Cupcake Central, and next to the mecca of vegan eats at Smith&Deli (who surprisingly offer lighter, tastier doughnuts for two dollars less.) It keeps it simple by limiting choices, but rotating flavours daily.

These cruelty-free sweet treats are best served with a coffee in your free hand.



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