Get Your Dose of Dosa!

Barkly Street at Night

The Restaurant

The Dosa Corner is located on Barkly Street, Footscray. It is one of a dozen restaurants on Barkly Street that offer food from India and the Subcontinent. Amongst these it stands out for offering “Indo-Chinese”, with a menu that has a fusion of Indian and Chinese food. It is well patronised by the local Indian community, which is testament to the authenticity and quality of its food.

The restaurant has an understated décor, with a few unobtrusive framed prints and wallpaper with a stylised leaf design. The tables are wooden and close together. The floor is tiled and well-worn. Overall the ambience is noisy, due to the proximity of the tables, but one can still carry on conversation easily.

The Food

The restaurant gets its name from the “dosa”, a pancake-like bread from Southern India. The $1 plain dosa is a great deal. It is sizable for the price and comes with dips. Be sure to order 2 or more as a starter.

As far as starters go, there is also a list of “chat” to buy. “Chat” is a fried dough made from potato, bread and fried chickpeas. These are yummy, and very cheap at $5.

For main meals, there are two main categories, fried rice or noodles and curries. The Schezwan rice and noodles hold up the Chinese part of the menu.

The real McCoy is the curry menu, however, with 10 different curries to choose from. For those chasing a spicy rush, I particularly recommend the Chilli Chicken curry. The curries come in both spicy and mild versions. Go for the spicy version, even if it is a bit adventurous for you. The burn on the curries feels slow and satisfying.

Chilli Chicken

Rounding out the menu are the biryanis . These are mixed rice dishes. They do require over 2 hours to prepare, so please order ahead if you want to try them out.

The Conclusion

Overall, the Dosa Corner is a great dining experience, moderately priced, with great variety for all tastes. The Dosa Corner flies the flag for an eclectic, international Footscray, and is a reminder of how cosmopolitan and exciting dining in Melbourne can be. * * * * (4 Stars)

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