Rosemary, Crackers Restore You in Life (a review)


Everyone’s got that snack they need to have in constant supply in their pantry. For some, it’s cheese, and lots of it. For others, it’s chips or chocolate. I love those things, but there’s something else that I started buying earlier this year, and haven’t been able to stop.

Forget laneways. Melbourne’s best kept secret can be found under Melbourne Central, in a little dungeon I like to call ‘Coles’. You’ll find them in the most unassuming-looking packaging, amongst the barbeque shapes and cheesy twist sticks. They’re Coles brand Rosemary Crackers, and they are here to blow your mind.

She’s beauty, she’s grace. *sniff*


People think they need to spend money on the fanciest crackers they can find, with chunks of salt like roughly hewn ice chips, and olive oil from a sun drenched vineyard in spain, hand picked by a handsome shirtless stranger. Well, i’m here to tell you that nothing compares to these be-herbed gems, and once you’ve dipped them into some baba ganoush, you’ll never stop.

Somehow the consistency of the cracker is just perfect – salty, slightly oily, and crumbly. None of the dry, flaky business you see in your average water cracker. These are substantial biscuits, nothing to be scoffed at (but perfect for scoffing, ho ho.) The rosemary adds a whole ‘nother level, kind of like when you go to Grill’d and eat their chips and think, “Wow, rosemary really adds a whole ‘nother level to these chips.” Exactly like that.

Pair them with a ploughman’s cheese, also available at Coles I might add, and you’ve got yourself a party for one. Who needs friends or socialising? Bars are noisy and annoying. You know you’d rather chuck on a movie and chow down on some herby delights. Perfect for that time of day when dinner was a while ago, and you’re getting kind of hungry again. Disclaimer, I’m not at all sponsored by Coles, but I could be, eh? Coles? (If you’re reading this I definitely will advertise your crackers in exchange for a lifetime supply of them, get in touch.)

Priced at $1.99, you can’t go wrong. Do it!

xoxo CrackerGrrl


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