The Paleo Pinup

I’ve been friends with Stephanie for many years now and one thing we quickly bonded over was out mutual love for pinup culture, so it was to my delight one day when she announced she wanted to try pinup modelling and politely requested myself as her photographer. In less than a week we had arranged a date.
When I arrived at Stephanie’s house we chatted, as friends do, and she told me she was on the paleo diet. This got me thinking about how it was something I’d not heard much about first hand, what she told me was fascinating and I found myself wanting to share here story.


“So what is the paleo diet? What does it mean to you to be living a paleo lifestyle?”

“Paleo is a lifestyle where people believe humans should go back to eating real, whole, unprocessed foods that are more healthy than harmful to our bodies. It’s basically sticking to a diet of grass-fed meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, fats and nuts and seriously avoiding processed foods, wheat, sugar, dairy and legumes.”

“So what started you on this journey?”

“I chose to go paleo because I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and paleo being an anti-inflammatory diet can help my muscles, bones and joints. I’ve been paleo for four months now and there has been a massive improvement in my condition and in my therapy. Many experimental studies have shown that components in foods such as Vegetables may have anti-inflammatory effects, unlike carbohydrates, fried foods and sugar-sweetened beverages which are really bad for inflammation.”

 “Other than your scoliosis, have you noticed any differences in your general health?”

I have definitely noticed a difference in my body, as well as losing 8kg within 2-3 months it does make you feel healthier. I haven’t been sick as often as I used to and I feel like I have more energy.”


“Is it a difficult lifestyle to stick to? And do you find it difficult to source paleo ingredients and supplies?”

“Any sort of change in your diet can feel difficult but because this is more of a lifestyle
change it is something you eventually get used to. You can still choose to eat the things you enjoyed but in small proportions and after a while you notice that the unhealthy foods you used to enjoy now disagree with your body. It can be harder to locate certain ingredients, but if you look at health shops you can usually find them. Alternatives such as coconut or almond flour and milk can be hard, but other than those few ingredients buying vegetables, fruits and meat is not a problem.”

“And finally, what have you got to say about the claims that paleo diet is fake or doesn’t do as it claims?”

“In February 2016 Melbourne University Researchers claimed that their study on mice proved the paleo lifestyle “could actually make you gain weight and put you on the path to diabetes.” Most people these days believe anything they read in the newspaper or see on the news, but this study doesn’t really prove anything because it was conducted on mice, not human beings. There are cases all over the internet that prove that this lifestyle is doing wonders for many people.”



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