Vag it up for Mother’s Day

By Anna Owens

Are you stuck on gift ideas this Mother’s Day? Surprise them with a baked representation of the reproductive system. I guarantee that they will be in tears.

cheap out with sponge at your local ovary store.

This uterus cake is finished with sprinkles for the ovaries. Jam for the decorative smear of menstrual blood, cream for the discharge, caramel for the urine and brown sprinkles for the loose pubic hair.

If baking isn’t your strong suit you can always begin with buying sponge cake and cutting it to shape. It’s all about the visuals kids.

Tube colouring

Make this a day truly to remember by adding depth to your uterus cake. Give it some fleshy tones. I have used this marble cake recipe here and tweaked it with food colouring to give this effect. Alternatively, there is also red velvet cake here.


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