Culinary siblings burning down the house

Donata talks to My Kitchen Rules siblings Doris & Caesar after their TV debut appearance last week.

What prompted you both to go on MKR?
C: I’ve always loved public displays of affection, so this was an opportunity for me to show the world how much I love my sister while cooking food that most others find repulsive.

D: Eh, yuck. You’re disgusting! I think we are excellent cooks. I also love bossing Caesar around, so the opportunity was irresistible.

What’s your signature dish?
C: I’m fond of a recipe that’s a real turn-off for the average person because it pushes the culinary buttons. It’s a slow cooked pig’s head served with cannellini beans. It’s delicious.

D: There’s no way we are cooking that shit on commercial television. We are both over molecular gastronomy and I wouldn’t be seen dead adding an avocado to anything as it’s literally on every café menu in Melbourne. I think our strength is that we’ve gone back to basics. We are going to be known for the perfectly poached egg. Mind you, this egg has come from a farm that’s certified organic, the chooks are legitimately free-range, they are given stints in the Bikram yoga room with a yoga poultry specialist and their beaks are left intact. Some beaks are pierced for aesthetic reasons. I like to get eggs from Rosie who sports a quartz stud on her beak.

You are obviously different people. How do you manage to work so well together?
C: I just do everything she says and when she’s really annoying me I will lick her cheek. I also have a great understanding of flavour. For my food to pass the service test I have to have tasted every mouthful first. I find that the time the food has sat in my mouth blending its flavours with my saliva is the point at which it becomes unique. I don’t share this secret with Doris as I think she’d be jealous that I’ve played too big a role on the final product, that I’ve been too interventionist.

D: I don’t know why you’re whispering. I know you pre-taste everything and then spit it back into the pot, but I will have to put my foot down for the poached egg dish as it will disintegrate if you stick it in your mouth first. I think we work well as a team because we understand each other. He gets flavour and I get presentation.

What can we expect from you on the next episode of MKR?
C: This is a bit of a secret, but I’ll share some of it to get your readers excited. I got to hang out with my beloved Doris in the loveliest way – we went foraging together along the railway lines of Brunswick and together we gathered fennel stalks, stinging nettle and cigarette butts because I haven’t fully kicked the habit yet. We’ll be making an awesome dish with these ingredients, minus the cigarette butts.

D: The next episode will really highlight our strengths. I get to boss Caesar around for half of the show (although I’m pretty lenient about his cigarette breaks) and then we hit the kitchen with real attitude. Our recipe will bowl over the ‘foodies’ of this world because its deceptively simple, yet full of flavour. I am not going to tell you what it is, but the most astounding element is that it’s cooked by the sun – no oven required!

. . .

So, my dear food-loving friends, watch the next episode of MKR for an extraordinary insight into the dynamics of a gourmet duo like no other.

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