The Six Staples of a Student Diet

Being a student is hard in so many ways, not least of which being the challenge of maintaining a balanced diet on a tight budget. If you’re anything like me sometimes you have less than $20 to feed yourself for an entire week. That’s where these six staples come in handy! Cost-effective, nutritious and flavour-packed, you can’t go past these six staples when it comes time for your next supermarket/OfficeWorks run!

J Burrows No 10 Staples (1000 pack)- $1.24

These are the ideal budget friendly study-snack staples! Made of the finest steel, they have a smooth metallic taste that trumps any fruit, or grain-based snack. And for just $1.24 for a pack of 1000, you can eat as many as you like without denting your duct-tape-wallet!

Rexel No. 56 Copper Staples (5000 pack)- $14.99

They say you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Why not have the best of all three worlds! These staples give your diet a regal flair without breaking the bank. Made from copper, these staples have a citrusy twist and are more filling than any desperate combination of toast and plain pasta!



Rexel Optima Heavy Duty Staples (2500 pack)- $25.62

These heavy-duty staples admittedly come with a heavy-duty price tag, but it’s a worthwhile investment! These flavor-packed chunks of steel are sure to leave your tummy feeling satisfied, if not a little bloated. They are ideal in a hefty stew on a cold winter night, or just by themselves with a nice milky glass of liquid paper.

Rapid 26/6 coloured staples (2000 pack)- $2.84

Who said meal-time can’t be fun? The geniuses at Rapid have got all the flavour-bases covered with red, green, blue, gold and silver coloured staples. You can even mix and match if you’re feeling adventurous! These vibrantly appetizing staples are a perfect snack for the young or young-at-heart!



PaperPro 26/6 Full Strip Staples (5000 Pack)- $8.46

Cheap and chunky, these staples are the main event of any decent meal. If you’re thinking a full strip staple must be similar to a full strip of bacon, you’re right! Except 5000 strips of bacon will set you back a lot more than eight and a half dollars.

Burrows 33mm Paper Clips (100 Pack)- $13.50

I’m aware these aren’t staples, but sometimes you need to branch out. Now it may sound a little unorthodox, but paper clips provide all the same dietary requirements as staples while also adding an exotic twist to your meal. Bring these big boys out at a dinner party to provide your guests with a good meal and a great talking point!

Just kidding! Paper clips are yucky!


 So there you have it. Stick to these six staples and you’ll be making up-front HECS payments in no time!


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