The Mother of all Parmas!!

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Last weekend I went out for lunch and ate what was the biggest parma I have probably ever eaten. Carmine’s restaurant is located on the popular Lygon St strip in Melbourne, so anyone familiar with it would recognise that it’s traditionally of an Italian culture, and Carmine’s is no exception.

It’s an inexpensive restaurant; the parma will set you back $25 or so. What I ordered was ‘The Parmigiana Carmine’s’ and I was not disappointed. It came out on a small platter, which must have contained no less than 3 or 4 cuts of underlying snitzel. After the bocconcini cheese and red sauce, it was topped with chorizos slices. As this was my lunch, I couldn’t eat again until 10pm at night, which ended up being a tiny meal in itself.

My experience was not just about the size of the portion, as the meal had plenty of flavour too. But it did shame a lot of pubs in Melbourne that are famous for their Parma nights.


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